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11545 Independence Road Southwest
Rochester, WA, 98579
United States


August Farm is pasture based, diversified livestock and flower farm serving the Seattle and Puget Sound areas with humanely raised meats.


Spring at August Farm

Marianne Copene

Spring is here and things are about to be in full swing at August Farm.  We feel rested from the long nights of Winter and ready for the long days of Spring and Summer.  The grass is growing fast, the maples are blooming and the cottonwoods are leafing out.  We've been enjoying the craziness of Spring weather in the Pacific Northwest: rainbows, hail, sunshine, beautiful pink, orange, purple sunsets and of course rain.  Spring in Independence Valley is quite a sight and experience for all the senses, the dramatic weather passing by, the sounds of the songbirds and frogs, the smell of the cottonwood trees when the wind is blowing in the right direction.  It all makes me want to get up early and be outside preparing for the hundreds of baby chicks coming, the lambs being born and the piglets already rooting up a storm around our barn.

I just finished building a new brooder for our chickens.  We are raising more turkeys this year, so they are taking over last year's chicken brooder.  And we're moving the chicken brooder into the main part of our barn. We receive baby chicks from the hatchery when they are one day old. In nature the mamma hen would keep them tucked under her feathers nice and warm.  Our brooder is designed to do the same thing, keep the chicks warm.  For the first few days the chicks want to be at  90 degrees.  And then slowly we can lower the heat until they are three weeks old, at which point they can tolerate temperatures as low as 32 degrees.  

I decided to go with a design I've been looking at for years, but never got around to building.  It's called an Insulated Electric Lamp Brooder, and the plans come from a 1942 Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station bulletin. This old technology is among many poultry raising techniques that were lost after factory farming replaced small diversified farming practices.  It is designed to conserve energy and rely on the baby chicks ability to adapt themselves to their heat requirements.  
This is a picture from the original Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station bulletin. The chicks are grouped together under the brooder keeping warm.
We are excited to be expanding our production this year.  We will be raising more of everything and adding grass fed lamb to our list of delicious products.  We're also excited to be partnering with Helsing Junction Farm, our pasture raised chicken is an add-on to their vegetable CSA shares.  We're continuing to partner with Wobbly Cart Farm this year as well, you can find our products in their online store.

We are raising two batches of pigs this year.  We've already got ten and we're getting ten more in a couple weeks.  We love raising pigs, they are a lot of fun and our customers love our pork.  The combination of being raised on pasture and whey fed makes the meat moist and tender and super tasty. Plus we know that our pigs were raised humanely and had a good life.  Our first batch will be ready in September and the second in November.  We ask for a $100 deposit to reserve a half and $200 to reserve a whole.  If you're interested in reserving one, now's the time.  The deposits (especially this time of year) help us with start up costs like buying feed, which is our biggest expense.

We offer a super convenient and delicious Chicken CSA with monthly deliveries to Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle. You can choose from two to five chickens a month. Shares last for three months.  Check out our website for more information and to place an order.