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11545 Independence Road Southwest
Rochester, WA, 98579
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August Farm is pasture based, diversified livestock and flower farm serving the Seattle and Puget Sound areas with humanely raised meats.


The Dog Days of Summer

Marianne Copene

The earliest memories I have of the thick of summer are filled with me pleading with my mother to turn on the sprinklers so I could rehearse my cartwheel routine. When I wasn’t successful I would trawl the neighborhood in my bathing suit in hopes of finding another suitable venue for my show. 

I can't help but get flashbacks during these hot and sunny days watching the pigs run around under the sprinkler. They get hot and unlike us they are unable to sweat.  So instead they lap around in the mud to help cool them off.  As soon as they see us coming to turn it on they come running with enthusiasm. And then once under the sprinkler they become stars. At least in my eyes.

There is still plenty of green grass out there for our sheep to eat and the crickets that usually come out in August are bouncing around in the grass with chickens chasing after them.  I love to watch when a chicken finds something delicious in the pasture like a cricket or a slug, they’ll have it in their beak and will parade it around. In response, the other chickens will chase them around trying to get a bite.  It’s really funny.  

Our first batch of pigs is getting big.  Lately, they have been eating lots of lettuce, swiss chard and zucchini from Wobbly Cart Farm and cherries, nectarines and apricots from the Olympia Farmers’ Market fruit vendors; in addition to whey from Black Sheep Creamery and organic grains.  Feeding our pigs a varied diet including whey and fruit means their meat has a more complex, rich and creamy flavor.  We still have pork available.  We sell it by the half or the whole and use a local butcher (that does not use nitrates) to custom cut your pork to your request.  They are scheduled to be harvested on our farm on August 25th.  We will be delivering the pork to Portland, Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle and East Seattle on September 15th. Contact us to place an order or go to our website.