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11545 Independence Road Southwest
Rochester, WA, 98579
United States


August Farm is pasture based, diversified livestock and flower farm serving the Seattle and Puget Sound areas with humanely raised meats.


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Marianne Copene

Daylight savings came with a burst of much needed sun, baby lambs and some quality time in our new greenhouse!!  Here the first signs of spring are the singing of the chorus frogs in the stream and ponds and the emerging of the nettles. The frogs are so loud these days that we can hear them in our house at night. The nettles have perfect timing as our kale and radicchio plantings have dwindled to almost nothing, and we need something green to eat. Another sign of spring is the birth of the first lambs.  We had three lambs born in less than 24 hours over the weekend. Quite exciting and cute!

Winter was good to us. The long nights left us rested and rejuvenated.  We are excited to be producing even more delicious and humanely raised meat for you and your family this year. We are also excited about a new addition to our production at August Farm, cut flowers. The seeds are ordered, a new greenhouse is constructed and our first batch of piglets have been busy rototilling and fertilizing our future flower field. Stay tuned for where to buy some beautiful bouquets.

We are taking orders now for our Summer Chicken CSA. Deliveries will start on June 15th. We have drop sites in Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, and East Seattle. Our first batch of pork will be ready in July. We are taking deposits now for half and whole pigs. This year we are raising berkshire cross pigs.  Berkshire pigs are a heritage breed. Their meat is prized for flavor, tenderness and being heavily marbled. You can find more information about our farm and all of our products on our website.  The links to the right will take you to our web store.  

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August Farm Spring Newsletter

Marianne Copene

It's been a busy spring for us.  We are both still working for Wobbly Cart, but have decided to officially start our own farm. While taking the small farm business class this winter, we came up with a name for our farm!  We are August Farm.  At the beginning of March we moved to an amazing new property.  It's conveniently located between two of the Wobbly Cart farm sites in Independence Valley, just a few miles down the road from our old place.  We are leasing this property.  It is 30 acres, with about twenty acres of pasture and ten acres of forest.  It has a big barn and lots of grass.  So much grass that we are wishing we had the time this spring to get lambs but we've been so busy with moving and everything that we decided to hold off until next year to raise lambs.  One of the new things we are doing this year is raising Thanksgiving turkeys.  We're only raising 15 so if you want one, reserve it early.  They are a heritage breed called Bourbon Red.  You can read all about them on our new website

We want to thank all of our customers for helping make last year a success.  That has made us confident and excited about expanding our operation and really dreaming about our future.  After taking the business class and finding this amazing property, we are feeling incredibly inspired about our farm.  We are grateful to have loyal customers supporting us as we build this business. 

Chicken CSA

For those of you who don't have chest freezers, you'll be happy to hear that we're offering a Chicken CSA this year.  Here's how it works. Shares run for 3 months so there are four share seasons to choose from.  You could register for a whole year Chicken CSA or just one or two seasons.  Whatever works best for you.  There are four sizes to choose from depending on you household size and how much chicken you eat, from 2 chickens per month to 5 chickens per month.  The shares are delivered once a month to a convenient pick-up location near you.  We are still looking for drop-sites, so if you're interested in hosting one, let us know.

Share Size:
Share Season:
Pip: 2 chickens per month        $150 (3 months)
Biddy: 3 chickens per month     $200 (3 months)
Banty: 4 chickens per month     $270 (3 months)
Clutch: 5 chickens per month     $325 (3 months)
Summer: July - September
Fall: October - December
Winter: January - March
Spring: April - June

We will also be doing on-farm pick up of chicken, the same as last year.
The harvest dates are:

  • July 1st
  • July 29th
  • August 26th
  • September 16th


Pastured Pork

We are raising pigs again this year.  We really enjoy raising pigs, they are a lot of fun.  We have eight adorable little piglets coming to us in a couple weeks.  We wanted to raise ten, so we're still looking for a couple more.  We supplement their feed with lots of vegetables from Wobbly Cart, fruit from the Olympia Farmers Market and sheep's milk whey from Black Sheep Creamery.  The pork tastes amazing.  The variety in their diet really enhances the meat's flavor.

I heard about and then researched an interesting fact recently that I can't stop talking about.  You're probably aware that most of us don't get enough vitamin D, especially here in the NW where the sun doesn't come out for nine months out of the year.  It's recommended by doctors and nutritionists that most people should be taking a vitamin D supplement.  Cod liver oil being the highest in vitamin D is a good choice, but number two under cod liver oil is lard (pork fat).  But only from pigs raised outdoors in the sunshine.  Pork fat from factory farmed pigs raised inside warehouses doesn't have the same amount of vitamin D.  So eating bacon from pasture raised pigs is a great way to get your vitamin D. 

If you want to read more about it check out these links:
Vit D Wiki
Weston Price Foundation

New Website

Check out our new website.  Its a work in progress, but has information about all of our products.  We plan on putting a blog up soon so that you can stay connected to the farm.  Our new email address is  If you have any questions or would like to reserve anything let us know. 


Liza and Marianne
August Farm