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11545 Independence Road Southwest
Rochester, WA, 98579
United States


August Farm is pasture based, diversified livestock and flower farm serving the Seattle and Puget Sound areas with humanely raised meats.

Grass Fed Lamb


Our sheep are 100% grass fed.  We raise Icelandic sheep.  Icelandic sheep are one of the worlds oldest and purest breeds of sheep.  They are considered a triple purpose breed, raised for meat, milk and fiber.  Icelandic lamb meat is very tender with a mild, delicious flavor.  Our sheep have beautiful fleeces that can be spun into yarn or tanned for lambskin rugs. 

We are excited to raise Icelandic sheep because they are a hardy, primitive breed of sheep.  They're genetics have not been manipulated by modern breeding methods.  They are good mothers and the lambs grow well on pasture grass.

We do rotational grazing with our sheep and chickens.  They compliment each other perfectly.  The sheep mow the grass down (if the grass is too tall the chickens won't eat it), then the chickens come through and fertilize.  This fertilizer keeps our soils healthy and the grass growing all summer.  Our pastures stay maintained and healthy and the animals raised on our pastures are healthy too.

The only supplements we give our sheep are kelp meal and salt with minerals.  We do not give our sheep any vaccines or hormones.  We do treat them for parasites two to three times a year.      

Our lamb is only available in the Fall.  Order a whole lamb for your freezer.  The cost is $10 per pound, hanging weight, (plus cut and wrap fee).  The average hanging weight is 40 pounds.  Average cost for a whole lamb is $400, plus $50 cut and wrap fee for a total of $450. We ask for a $100 deposit to reserve a lamb.  You can pay in our web store.