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Electrolysis and The Aspect of Pain for You

Electrolysis and The Aspect of Pain for You

Hair removal has become a puzzle? Arm yourself with a new practice: electrolysis and say goodbye to your hair! Your legs will be radiant in summer as in winter. To know if does electrolysis hurt or not and rest of everything about permanent hair removal, this is where it happens.

Electrolysis is one of the types of permanent hair removal, in which, as expected, part of the hair stops growing, and part of the hair grows after a few years. Many cosmetology centers, which offer the service of hair removal using electrolysis, for promotional purposes, position this method of hair removal as a way to get rid of unwanted vegetation once and for all. However, in fact, this method, like all permanent types of hair removal, does not eliminate unwanted hair until the end of life.

A simple question can be arised that is electrolysis painful? The principle of electrolysis is based on the fact that the hair follicle is destroyed by the electric current penetrating it. A thin needle is inserted under the skin directly into the follicle, through which electric current passes, burning and killing the follicle. This procedure takes a lot of time, because it is necessary to process each follicle separately several times. Besides the fact that such a procedure is quite painful and expensive, electrolysis also has a number of side effects and hazards.

How it works?

The practitioner introduces a thin and short needle sterilized under the skin and an electric shock, burns the bulb of the hair. With this gesture, the hair cannot grow back because the hair follicle is affected. This method works on all parts of the body. However, how painful is electrolysis can be depending on the areas treated.

Permanent electrical hair removal is a long and expensive operation. Allow 6 to 18 months for a full application and expect about 15 minutes of session. If you want to adopt this method, make sure you do not have contraindications. It is advisable to establish a personalized diagnosis (free) to reduce the pain of electrolysis hair removal before acting out.

Pregnant women and people with pacemakers cannot practice electrolysis

It is advisable to reduce exposure to the sun during the month following the session of hair removal. You may contract pigment spots due to photosensitization of the treatment. And believe me, this is not an asset of seduction!

hair removal using electrolysis

Electric shock and burns

Any method of hair removal, based on the penetration of the source of high temperatures under the skin (whether electrolysis or laser hair removal), is fraught with the risk of burns and electric shock. The painful impact of high temperatures on the skin depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the pain threshold. However, even for those who have a high pain threshold and are not sensitive to the skin, the electrolysis procedure is very painful, because a needle that burns and beats with current puncture the skin.