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Use of Shellac for the Damage Nails for You

Use of Shellac for the Damage Nails for You

Fans of shellac should be more careful: the use of ultraviolet rays in the coating drying process carries with it the risk of serious illness. We describe the features of such a coating for nails, and how to prevent unpleasant consequences, without giving up the advantages of shellac.

What is shellac

Shellac is a great alternative to lacquer, designed for those who want to keep the perfect nail covering for a long time. This coating is a hybrid of two means for nails at once, namely ordinary lacquer and modeling gel. From the first he got the application technique, appearance and rich color palette. From the second – incredible stamina. Is shellac bad for your nails and can be kept on the nails for up to three weeks without chipping and other changes.

shellac damage nails

The myth about the benefits of shellac

In addition, they say this coating does shellac ruin nails is a false acquisition, it also cares for the nail plate, improves its structure and makes it healthier. Manufacturers and craftsmen in the salons allow this information to attract potential customers; because this procedure is more expensive than regular manicure and ensures that the client will appear in the salon at least 2 times a week for correction, but the information about the benefits of shellac is not all true.

Of course, shellac strengthens the nails, but only by protecting its mechanical damage, and not making the nail plate more durable.

Therefore, the choice is yours, whether you should use this product, if the nails are healthy, then most likely a couple of applications from a good master will not be able to spoil your nail quality. But it’s better to take breaks if you wear shellac all the time,

Check nails before applying shellac

If you are still tired of constantly updating the manicure and decided on a long shellac coating, be sure to check the condition of the nails. A weak nail plate after such a procedure will become even thinner, so you will be restoring your nails after such a manicure for a long time. There should also be a healthy all nail bed, in order to avoid damage to the cuticle, various kinds of splitting and wounds, if any, it is better to first heal and restore the structure of the nail.

The procedure for removing shellac

During the process that the most likely to damage the nail, so it is important to take this stage with full responsibility. This coating remove with a remover or other special tool that is applied to the nails, and then wrapped in foil for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the manufacturer. Then the varnish shifted with a stick and the nail cleaned.

If you are not professionally engaged in manicure or this is your first experience with shellacs, it is unlikely that you will have a special tool in the arsenal for removing this varnish, therefore, they recommend going to the manicure salon to carry out the procedure as gently as possible.

Restrictions on use and application rules

You should still avoid damage, such as scratching with sharp objects. Some mechanical damage can spoil the structure of the lacquer, so it will begin to break and split off from the nail plate, so again you will have to go to the manicure ahead of time.